Giulia's Pet Sitting Services offers a wide range of services to meet your specific needs and budget.

PRIVATE DOG WALKS: One hour walk or play in the area,.

DOG & CATS HOME VISIT: Feeding, water change, play and walking, litter box and garden waste clean up, lots of love!

DAY CARE & OVERNIGHTS: In my home for just one ,few nights or more! (Cuddles included!)

ON REQUEST: Medications, baths, taking to the vet and any other special attention your little ones may need


All prices are in CHF

CAT, DOG AND SMALL PETS VISIT ( 1 hour in your home): 30 CHF

DOG WALKING (1 hour around your neighborhood): 30 CHF

DAY CARE & OVERNIGHTS (in your home for just one or more nights): 90 CHF